How to use arrow keys on 60 Percent keyboard

How to use arrow keys on 60 Percent keyboard
How to use arrow keys on 60 Percent keyboard

How to use arrow keys on 60 Percent keyboard

In this digital age, A 60% keyboard may or may not have arrow keys and will never have the function row of keys. It is becoming more common to split the shift key and use the function, ctrl, or Windows keys for arrow keys.

The Basics of a 60% Keyboard

Before we delve into arrow keys, let’s understand what a 60% keyboard is. These compact keyboards lack the dedicated function row, number pad, and often, arrow keys. They are favored for their portability and minimalistic design. Read more about Keyboard.

How to use arrow keys on 60 Percent keyboard
How to use arrow keys on 60 Percent keyboard

What Are Arrow Keys?

Arrow keys are essential for text navigation and data selection. The four arrow keys typically include “Up,” “Down,” “Left,” and “Right.” They make it easy to move the cursor or highlight items on the screen.

Why Are Arrow Keys Important?

Arrow keys are indispensable for tasks like text editing, gaming, and general navigation. Knowing how to efficiently use them can enhance your productivity.

Navigating with Arrow Keys

Before diving into the specifics of a 60% keyboard, let’s discuss the general use of arrow keys. They allow you to scroll through documents, select files, and navigate web pages seamlessly.

How to use arrow keys on 60 Percent keyboard
How to use arrow keys on 60 Percent keyboard

Using Arrow Keys on a 60% Keyboard

Now, let’s explore how to use arrow keys on a 60% keyboard. Since these keyboards lack dedicated arrow keys, you’ll need to access them through alternative means.

The Function Layer

Most 60% keyboards include a “Function” key (often labeled as “Fn”). When pressed in combination with other keys, it activates secondary functions, including the arrow keys.


You can remap certain keys on your 60% keyboard to act as arrow keys. Customization varies based on the keyboard’s software or firmware.


Many 60% keyboard users choose to customize their keybindings to suit their specific needs. This can significantly improve the usability of arrow keys.

Shortcuts for Efficiency

Discover various keyboard shortcuts that can make your arrow key navigation more efficient. These can save time and effort in the long run.

Gaming with Arrow Keys

Gaming with arrow keys on a 60% keyboard is a unique experience. We’ll explore how to optimize your gaming setup for the best performance.

Productivity Tips

For everyday tasks, productivity is key. Learn how to streamline your workflow using arrow keys effectively.

Arrow Keys on Mobile Devices

Arrow keys are not limited to desktop keyboards. We’ll discuss how you can use them on mobile devices for added convenience.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Encountering problems with your arrow keys? We’ll address common issues and provide solutions to keep your keyboard functioning optimally.

The Future of 60% Keyboards

As technology advances, so do keyboard designs. What can we expect in the future of 60% keyboards, and how will arrow keys evolve?


In conclusion, mastering the use of arrow keys on a 60% keyboard can greatly enhance your computing experience. Whether you’re a gamer or a productivity enthusiast, knowing the ins and outs of arrow key navigation is invaluable.


  1. Q: Can I add physical arrow keys to a 60% keyboard? A: While it’s possible, it often involves hardware modifications and may void warranties.
  2. Q: Are there 60% keyboards with built-in arrow keys? A: Yes, some 60% keyboards have arrow keys integrated into their compact design.
  3. Q: How do I remap keys on my 60% keyboard? A: Key remapping usually requires specialized software provided by the keyboard manufacturer.
  4. Q: Are there specific 60% keyboard models optimized for gaming? A: Yes, some 60% keyboards are designed with gaming in mind, offering customizable keybindings.
  5. Q: What’s the advantage of using arrow keys over a mouse or touchpad? A: Arrow keys can provide more precise navigation, especially for tasks like text editing.
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